Dance Dance DJ Service, fully insured, has been in operation since 1995.  The goal is to provide you with a wide variety of options in premier entertainment services that bring a vast amount of fun at affordable prices for you, the customer.

Dance Dance DJ Service doesn’t have a payroll of employee’s, it is a single person, which means that there are no costs being passed along to you. You get the personal and individual attention that you deserve as a paying customer. Everything is coordinated with this one person, from the planning to who actually shows up for your special occasion.

Music trends are constantly changing, and because of that I am continually updating my music library.  My library consist of music from the 1900’s to the present.

Dance Dance DJ Service will work with you directly in planning the services that you want. If you want a DJ that can be as interactive as possible, with things like special announcements to full introductions, then you got it. When it comes down to the music, it is all about what you want. Two weeks prior to your special event you send in an email with your music selections and requests. If there is anything that you wish to absolutely not be played, it will be honored to the fullest extent. Don’t forget about the special dances (first dance, grand march, bouquet toss, etc, for weddings). Requests will also be accepted from your guests.